Increased Safety and Security

It holds shattered glass tougether
if it happens in an accident.
It is also easier to get out of the car by removing the window by pushing it from inside if you want to leave the car this way.

However, for a thief it will be much harder to get into your car by doing so from outside.
    Safer Driving

The film reduces dangerous glare from the sun and reflective surfaces. This will make you driving safer.

You may want to have sun straps on the windscreen which are useful when the sun is low on the horison.
  Ultra violet (UV) Protection

The film can block up to 99% of the sun UV rays.
It reduces also visible sun radiation spectrum and Infra Red (IR).

This will protect your and your passangers eyes, skin and hairs as well as your valuables if left in the car.
    Overhiting Protection

The heat inside cars is caused by greenhouse effect related to the use of glass windows. Up to 60% of heat reduction can be obtained if the glass is covered by tinting film.

The film helps also to get rid of the inside heat in your car and cool it faster even after long parking in the blazing sun as it allows windows to convey heat back to the outside
during car movement..
    Enhanced Privacy

Tinted windows provide an increased level of privacy from the curious eyes including those of the thieves.
 Fading & Cracking Prevention

The film blocks up to 99% of the sun UV rays. This with reduced heat and sun light will prevent seats and carpets from fading and cracking.

It will protect and prolongs life of all the materials inside the car including your electronic equipment.
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